The fall wool knit suit jacket

The reason to get dressed:

In October there is an event where basically for 12 euros you can choose a menu with 10 different things and you go around the centro eating the items on your menu from various restaurants and gastronomic stands. 

What I wore:

Here I am 7 months post partum, and I wanted to feel and look “good”.  I paired a tight (maybe even too tight for a food event!) pair of high-waisted jeans with a wool knit suit jacket I bought perhaps 10 years ago!

I rolled the sleeves , added a nice pair of mid-calf brown leather boots and did I curly side pony.  I will do another post on the curly side-pony.  It has saved my post-pregnancy life, and I am so grateful that the side pony has made a comeback.And ifn’t hasn’t made a comeback and I am totally out of style please do NOT tell me, I prefer to live in ignorant, new mommy, who has no time to do her hair but doesn’t want to cut it, bliss.