The brown wool knit suit jacket…I think this is becoming a staple

The reason to dress:

Used Toy Sale!

A few times a year i there is an awesome event where  kids and their parents are offered a “stand” in a market setting where they can sell their used toys.  The kids set the price for the toys and with 50 euros I usually get the car FILLED with things.


There is no such thing as Walmart in this country.  For many people just the thought of that is enough to make them run screaming from this continent.  Houses are small so no one has a “playroom”.  In fact, most standard apartments have two bedrooms, one bathroom and a living room.  So aside from the fact that people don’t really spend money on stuff like toys, even if they did, there would be no place to put it.  At the same time I believe in toys.  I think they are an important part of learning to speak, creative play, imagination and they are FUN!

I want my son to have stuff, but stuff here is expensive.  I can’t meander down 10 isles of offerings at a Walmart , Michael’s craft store,  Dollar store (oh ya there are also like NO DOLLAR STORES.  Who would have thought that the first place I think of going when I visit Toronto is a DOLLAR STORE or DOLLARAMA and I fill my luggage up with cheap housewares, craft supplies and popsicle sticks.  THERE ARE NO POPSICLE STICKS IN ITALY! Do you have any idea how difficult that makes candy apple making and / or popsicle stick birdhouse making!?) or supermarket getting good deals.


l am totally cool with getting my son used things. Especially since plastic will be in perfect condition when I am already old and wrinkly.  All you have to do is give it a good wash to sanitize  and BAM you got an almost new toy.

From this used toy market I’ve gotten a mini washing machine, animals, a working train set, a little people’s airplane, a mini cash register, an awesome rocking horse and best of all if my little man isn’t into it I don’t have to feel bad for having spent a fortune.

Plus there are no used items places here.  No big Goodwills or Value Villages to go thrift shopping for finds.  The only thing we have are two or three small used item stores and  you know what ?  …… THEY ARE EXPENSIVE.  Like don’t these people realize that this stuff has been used therefore it should be cheap?

Ok I know you paid 800 euro  for that stroller, that really some relative probably gave you.  But you’ve USED it,  and for like 10 years.  So why should I pay 700 euro for it?


What I wore: 

Here I am again in the same brown, wool knit suit jacket.  This time I’ve paired it with a dark turtle neck, a green button down pullover and a waist-sized  alligator belt in a deep orange color.

Fitted jeans and the same brown, calf height leather boots with a small one inch kitten heel.